The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Loren Stone, CEO and Founder, Autonomy Hub, and the Vice-president of Robotics Education for the Tesla Foundation appears on the television show, Columbus on the Record, WOSU Public Media. With esteemed co-panelists from The Ohio State University, they discuss the "Future of Work."

Autonomy Hub Live! Demo drones from Parrot, VR headgear.

Autonomy Hub Live! with Loren Stone, Dave Agler and dog named Shilo. The team is starting to get the hang of it as they have a grand time playing with drones. Take special viewing pleasure at the 7:37 minute mark.

Air Date September 30. 2016.

Autonomy Hub Live, our first show!

Autonomy Hub Live! with co-hosts Loren Stone and Dave Agler. You have to start somewhere as these two certainly work their way through it. Topics include autonomous news, Smart City Columbus, Tesla Foundation and more.

Check out our new space for you...the autonomous and smart Columbus community

Loren Stone, CEO of Autonomy Hub, gives a short tour with his dog named Shilo at the new Autonomy Hub in Columbus, Ohio. Collaborate, innovate and build the next community together in technology, robotics, unmanned systems and the Smart City.

Autonomy Hub Launches On the Backbone of New FAA Drone Regulations

Autonomy Hub Launches On the Backbone of New FAA Drone Regulations

This Week Community News and Andrew King, did a wonderful piece on the new drone Part 107 regulation rules from the Federal Aviation Administration and how it will impact the aviation and commercial landscape of unmanned systems.

He interviewed our Autonomy Hub Founder and the Midwest Director for Tesla Foundation, Loren Stone, as a contributor for this article, while highlighting the launch of Autonomy Hub, in the Franklinton area of Columbus, Ohio.