One of our goals are supporting job growth through work force development. We are working hard developing a set of programs, complimenting our community.

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STEAM Education Initiatives:

Autonomy Hub has partnered with the Tesla Foundation and key educators, aviators, roboticist, scientist, and engineers to offer K-12 and College level courses in Unmanned Aerial Systems for education and workforce development.

The transition from the “Information Age” to the “Autonomous Age” is here and we are on the forefront of the largest migration of education and labor since the transition from “Farm to Factory” which occurred at the turn of the 20th century.

Aerial Robotics is one of the hottest and fastest growing industry sectors in recent memory with tremendous demand both on the student and industry side. The next era of aviation in the 21st Century is in the autonomous space, with unprecedented growth potential in all the disciplines that make up robotics and aviation.

These UAS education modules are designed for easy integration and deployment in any educational setting to prepare or train a candidate for a job in UAS.

Buckeye Aerial Meetup and UAVSA


Our meetup focus recently has been on Part 107 and drone education, but we will broaden those topics. 

We have regular meetups to fly together and hangout. We are looking to start building up our local UAV Systems Association, with the HQ here at the Autonomy Hub. 

You can find us at Buckeye Aerial and a new meetup for UAVSA/Autonomy Hub will be out also.

Both free and paid events are available.



The planning is in the works for various topics. More information to follow.