The Tesla Foundation and Autonomy Hub, partners in Invention and Innovation for the next Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Autonomy Hub and Tesla Foundation are industry leaders in autonomous machine innovation


The Tesla Foundation partnered with the Autonomy Hub as its Midwest offices.

  • Autonomous Machines (UAVs, Robotics and AI)

  • Internet of Things

  • Big Data, Cyber Security, and Privacy

  • Connected Car

  • Connected Building

  • Media Applications in Technology for Commercial Integration

  • Applications for Innovation Lab Residencies

  • Education Lab

  • Co-working Lab


Tesla Foundation, Sinclair Community College/National UAS Training Center, and the Autonomy Hub partner for workforce development and training in the UAS industry.

This newly created workforce curriculum is an elective model that focuses on an online set of classes with a specific application (e.g. agriculture, first responder, GIS).



UAV Systems Association

Autonomy Hub is the new HQ for the UAVSA.

The original drone association formed for the primary purpose of serving the sUAS/drone community. 


Establishing key partnerships for its members, providing a membership community, and events nationwide.