The Future of Work

On July 7, 2017, Autonomy Hub's Founder, Loren Stone, was a guest for the television show "Columbus on the Record Special, WOSU Public Media, Columbus, Ohio.  The topic was the The Future of Work.

In today's changing landscape of workforce development and job training, there are growing concerns on job security with the acceleration in automation. With daily news announcements on the advancements in the emerging technologies from AI, robotics to machine learning and virtual reality to name a few, there is a growing uneasiness for job security and a sustainable career path.

The conversation covered "How Are We Going to Make Money After We’re Replaced by Robots?" Host Mike Thompson is joined by Loren Stone, CEO of Autonomy Hub and the vice-president of robotics education for the Tesla Foundation, Peter Ward Professor of Operations Management at Ohio State University, and Steffanie Wilk Professor of Management and Human Resources at Ohio State University. 

"I was honored to be a part of this panel and with such knowledgeable experts from Ohio State. We are witnessing a new industrial age, which is presenting significant opportunities. We must work together in managing what we know as traditional jobs, while preparing the workforce for the future skills through 'upskill' training and the development of programs and supporting partnerships", says Loren Stone. 

This 27-minute video provides insight into what is happening now in the workforce and the development of automation. With Columbus, Ohio at the epicenter of Smart Cities development, Stone proclaims there is "no better place to be in the United States as an entrepreneur and someone looking to develop out their career and future."

Enjoy Columbus on the Record and the "Future of Work."


On this Columbus on the Record Special we look at the The Future of Work. How Are We Going to Make Money After We're Replaced by Robots? Host Mike Thompson is joined by Peter Ward professor of operations management at Ohio State University, Loren Stone vice president of robotics education at the Tesla Foundation and Steffanie Wilk professor of management and human resources at Ohio State University.