Autonomy Hub is on the forefront of the Columbus smart city grant.

On June 23, 2016, after a rigorous six-month application process, Secretary Anthony Foxx announced the City of Columbus, Ohio as the winner of the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Smart City Challenge. This came with a $40 million grant from USDOT and a $10 million grant from Vulcan, Inc. Seventy-eight cities competed in the challenge and only one city was selected as the model for the United States. 


Autonomy Hub and Columbus leverage a culture of collaboration to raise funds for the Smart City Program

Autonomy Hub and Columbus leverage a culture of collaboration to raise funds for the Smart City Program

Smart Columbus Goals

After engaging residents, leaders, experts and others, five major goals emerged to provide ladders of opportunity for all.

The #SmartColumbus vision is built on five pillars:

Transportation isn’t just getting people from point A to B. It’s the central way for moving citizens up the ladders of success. Smart Columbus proposes autonomous vehicle deployment to address first mile/last mile challenges from the Easton Transit Center to Easton employers.

We will also provide enhanced traveler information, broadband connectivity, and build smart intersections along the new CMAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Corridor from Polaris to Downtown.

We will build on our strength as a global logistics hub by optimizing the movement and delivery of freight through real time traffic, weather, and routing data for trucks.  

Visitors to the Columbus Region provide an overall economic impact of $8.7 billion and support over 71,000 jobs. Consistent feedback we receive from visitors is about transit and parking. We are working with Experience Columbus to provide real-time event, transit, traffic, and parking information to visitors and residents. 

Implementing a smart pass will enable all citizens to have access and be able pay for all the transportation options in our city with a smartphone or pass.  

#SmartColumbus is an important component of the City’s CelebrateOne effort to address infant mortality. Mothers not accessing pre-natal care and the challenging social and economic conditions that exist in these neighborhoods are key contributors to infant mortality. #SmartColumbus will improve access to pre-natal care and provide the ladders of opportunity to our residents to address the challenging the social and economic conditions in their community. 

#SmartColumbus will make investments, programs, and creative incentives for energy efficiency, transportation electrification, and greenhouse gas reduction that is environmentally and financially sustainable.   

Columbus will begin to electrify its light duty vehicle fleet and work with Columbus businesses to do the same. 

We will build more public charging stations to reduce range anxiety and accommodate those households without garages/ability to charge at home and encourage businesses to build more as well for their employees.